Gil is one of the primary currencies in Final Fantasy XIV and used to purchase items, equipment and other essential in-game necessities. Furthermore, you can earn it through quests, dungeons and other activities.

Gil is always handy, whether for housing, gearing or raiding purposes – here are some ways players can quickly obtain it in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn.

  1. Quests

As with most MMOs, FFXIV features several small Gil-generating mechanisms built directly into its gameplay. Quests, dungeons and the Duty Finder all offer rewards in the form of Gil for time spent killing enemies or working through content.

However, players can also make money through other methods besides these standard ones. Gathering is one such means; with new items that require food being introduced regularly by the game and needing to be created and sold – this can be especially useful if you’re an expert crafter and need the latest gear for their iLvl cap character. Meanwhile Retainer Ventures enable quick exploration adventures which yield valuable goods.

  1. Dungeons

One of the best uses for an abundant amount of FFXIV gil is purchasing gear. Core gameplay provides regular gear rewards, so buying new equipment allows you to bypass catchup grind and jump straight into high-end content without delay.

Loot you obtain as drops or from dungeons can also be sold on the Market Board or desynthesized for crafting parts that you can resell later. Since prices and presence of other players can differ across servers and tiers, it is wise to explore several markets before choosing your strategy.

  1. Treasure Maps

Players can earn Gil through quests, dungeons and the market board; as well as Treasure Maps which award a substantial amount of Gil in addition to materia and tomes.

These maps spawn waves of enemies which must be defeated to gain access to rewards such as Gil, crafting materials and Tomes for sale on the market. High-level players may use these maps as an effective means of quickly earning several millions FFXIV gil.

Player housing and Free Company gardens are also effective Gil sinks, although latter can become somewhat chaotic at higher DC levels.

  1. Guildleves

Earning lots of Gil in Final Fantasy XIV is essential. Not only can it enable you to purchase new gear to advance in levels quickly, but it’s also necessary for buying consumables needed for higher level content.

Shopping Gil from third-party sites might seem tempting, but Square Enix prohibits this practice and those caught purchasing Gil from these sources may find their account suspended or banned – as well as losing an immense amount of gameplay experience from doing so.

Guildleves (or levequests) are repetitive tasks designed to earn buy ffxiv gil, Guild Marks and experience. There are various kinds of Guildleves available with rewards that can be sold on the market as rewards.

  1. Retainer Ventures

On launch day of its second lifecycle, Final Fantasy XIV had an in-game economy over six times larger than its predecessor. While not quite as thriving as some may wish it were, Square Enix put significant effort into expanding FFXIV’s marketplace.

The newly relaunched Final Fantasy XIV features what other games might refer to as expeditions, wherein gamers can send NPC units on missions that reap massive rewards such as company seals, experience points, and gil. Though expeditions won’t make you wealthy overnight, they can provide a steady source of income. Their success depends on what type of equipment each retainer possesses – the higher grade their gear is the greater will be their rewards!

  1. Treasure Hunts

Gil in Final Fantasy XIV is an essential resource to leveling up, purchasing gear, purchasing food for raiding missions, purchasing your own house and furnishing it with all the best items – yet its use requires careful planning and spreadsheets for maximum efficiency.

From quests to dungeons and FATEs, virtually everything in the game offers FFXIV gil. Market Board, leves and Guildleves also give out some Gil. Duty Roulettes, Challenge Logs and Treasure maps can provide even more money-making opportunities – these provide materials and items which crafters need for their jobs!